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Highlights from the past week, with commentary from the NFNT gang:


Alex & Ada Volume 1 (Image, 9781632150066)

Anna: I’m definitely buying Alex + Ada for my library. It’s a sweet, beautiful book that ought to appeal strongly to people who liked “Her.”


anohana: the Flower We Saw that Day (Aniplex)

Jessikah: I am looking forward to anohana.


Chew Omnivore Edition Volume 4 (Image, 9781632150318)


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Murder Can Be Fatal Mysteries, Vol. 1-4

destination homicide

These four mysteries cover a wide range of genres: science fiction, time travel, classic mystery, and superheroes, but they all fall under the Murder Can Be Fatal series and feature bizarre killings and familiar literary tropes.

Death by Chocolatefeatures a food-obsessed Swiss detective, Marcel Petit-Pois, and his intelligent assistant, a chimpanzee named Tesla. Despite Petit-Pois’ bumbling and…

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Screen-Shot-2014-05-12-at-8.09.17-PMHector “Heck” Hammarskjold was once the town hero, taking his high school football team to the State Championship game as their star quarterback. But that was a long time ago and he is no longer the hero he once was. He’s come back home to bury his estranged father and to fix up the old home to sell. While doing so, he discovers a secret: the home contains a portal to hell itself!

Having few…

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God is Disappointed in You

Screen-Shot-2014-03-23-at-2.35.00-PMI am going to start this review a bit differently than I normally would with a word about who should NOT read this book. If you consider the Bible to be the absolute word of truth, a title not to be made fun of, then this is not the book for you. If you read the title, God Is Disappointed in You, and immediately thought, “How dare they?!”, then this is not the book for you. This is an irreverent…

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WomanthologyWomanthologyis an anthology graphic novel produced by an all-female team of over 150 contributors. It is a great example of how one little tweet can balloon into an inspirational project, affecting not only those who participated and supported the project, but those in need around the world. The Womanthology team donated all proceeds from their sales, about $50,000, to several charities that were…

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Welcome to Your Awesome Robot

AwesomeRobotSo imagine you just received a big box in the mail and it says “Welcome to your awesome robot!” That’s exactly what happens to a girl in Viviane Schwarz’s book of the same name. However, the girl soon finds that the box is empty other than a book of instructions.

For those of us who want to make awesome robots out of boxes, Schwarz has cleverly interspersed her story of the girl and her mother…

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mostly-wordlessIn his principally wordless slender collected work, Jed Alexander’s artwork dances and flows across the pages, celebrating the whimsy and imagination of young children. The first of the eight vignettes and stories, “Ella and The Pirates,” takes the reader on a journey across the water to a land filled with adventure, swordplay, and pirate treasure. A change in the colour palette as the…

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The first year of a convention’s existence is like watching a sapling sprout from the ground: there’s not much to expect from the young seed, but you want to see it grow into something strong and beautiful. ValhallaConis one such convention, taking place at the Sheraton hotel in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday, July 12 and Sunday, July 13. Valhalla in the convention’s name suggests a Norse…

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Sword Art Online 1: Aincrad

51SsuW8ysuLIn 2022, Sword Art Online (SAO) is released, a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) that is unlike any other. Advances in technology have allowed for the creation of a perfect virtual reality experience, known as “full-dive.” A specialized NerveGear helmet worn in the real world bypasses the player’s senses and sends signals straight to the brain, creating the…

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I’m not a plastic bag

Screen-Shot-2014-03-23-at-2.33.47-PMI’m not a plastic bagis not a typical story by any means, as there are no words and no human characters. Oh yes, and our main character is a sentient pile of garbage named the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In this story, Patch is able to form eyes from the garbage it is made of to see the creatures of the world that are near it, and can talk to them via trashed signs. Patch mostly says the same…

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