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Anime Club Picks: Crunchyroll from everyone here to highlight @crunchyroll & library clubs outreach!

Librarians across the country run Japanese manga and anime clubs of all types, most frequently appealing to middle school and high school age fans.  In recent years it’s been trickier to navigate getting the appropriate licenses to show anime, but now the streaming site Crunchyroll has stepped up and offered access to their many streaming series to libraries.

Any club, library, or convention can…

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Last Day In Vietnam: A Memory

last-day-in-vietnamWill Eisner is a god and a comics icon; The father of the graphic novel. Heck, they even named the annual award for creative achievement in comic books after him. The superlatives could go on and on for a full review, and deservedly so. His sense of narrative timing, foible-skewering character development, and his simultaneously shaky and self-assured illustration style make everything he…

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What on earth is going on in Blacklung? Why do these characters have faces that look like they were all constructed from the castoff remains of the faces of pugilists, who were also prolific knife-fighters?

Bubbles & Gondola

Bubbles & Gondola is unmistakably about writer’s block. Charlie the mouse lives alone. He works alone. He is alone all the time.

Until Death Do Us Part, vol. 2

Takashige_UntilDeathDoUsPartV2_TPAs the second volume of Until Death Do Us Part opens, blind swordsman/ex-criminal Mamoru and his allies in the Element Network have successfully protected tween psychic Haruka from her would-be kidnappers. However, the vigilantes have little time to rest on their laurels. Other forces have learned of Hakura’s gift, and would see her exploited to their benefit.

One of these forces is the Republic…

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Tintin: The Art of Hergé

Abrams has a long history as one of the best art book publishers in the country. Their ComicArts endeavor continues the tradition of excellence with many stunning reprints of obscure collections (

What’s Making Us Happy This Week

Here’s our staff highlights for this week (and last week, apologies!) — all the titles, creators, programs, conferences, and library shenanigans that made our week, comics-wise!

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Mouse Guard, vol. 3: The Black Axe

Mouse Guard, vol. 3:The Black Axe gathers David Petersen’s well-written and superbly illustrated, six-part limited series of the same name, reprints the “Free Comic Book Day” story as a prologue, includes a twenty-two page section of maps, and starts things off right with a foreword written by Monty Python member, Terry Jones.

Hot Off the Press

Highlights from the past week, with commentary from the NFNT gang:


Batman 66 Volume 1 (DC Comics, 9781401247218)

?Thomas: Batman 66 is so whimsical and fun. I would love to see an updated campy Batman movie done with today’s comedians. The stories always start so straight-laced, then ramp up the goofiness until the anti-seriousness loops back on itself and makes the restored status quo feel like…

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Lost Planet: First Colony

Crashed on the surface of a hostile frozen planet, Captain June and her crew can be sure of nothing, even survival.